It’s a load of old horlicks

HIGH CHOLESTEROL: There was a time when we were urged to cut down on eggs.

EXPERT advice in the dietary department can be bad for your health

JUST when you think you have it cracked in the  dietary department, out comes another report telling us that what we had hitherto been told about the health benefits from this food or that, is now a load of old horlicks and moreover is doing us great harm.

Conversely, foods that we have been told to avoid like the plague are now being seen as not only free of danger, but positively beneficial to our health and well-being.


There was a time when we were urged to cut down on the number of eggs we ate in a week, because they are high in cholesterol and should be consumed in moderation. I have looked at the information available, which at best is contradictory and have continued to maintain my intake.

It’s the same with butter. I simply love the stuff.  Nevertheless I was gradually persuaded long ago, to give up this fat-saturated poison for the health benefits of vegetable sludge of one brand or another. 

Although I was forced to believe the hype that this would make me a leaner, more robust individual able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, there is no advertising executive alive who was ever going to convince me that it tastes like the real thing.  

Can’t believe it’s not butter? I sure as heck can! 

But five years ago, on the basis of my own feelings, I reverted back to good old English slightly-salted butter. 

Then another report came out, announcing that perhaps butter was not the villain it had been made out to be after all and that in fact, some saturated fat was necessary for good health.  

I saw this as vindication for my stance on the subject and did back flips around my living room, but soon stopped when I began to wheeze and require oxygen.

I came to the conclusion a long time ago, that my reasoning when deciding which foods to embrace or to give the boot, should be: If in doubt, think natural. 



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