Guns and drugs seized by National Police in Granada following 12 arrests

National Police
Weapons and ammunition seized

IN A JOINT operation between the National Police and the Israeli Police, a criminal group allegedly involved in drug trafficking and other criminal activities was raided and 12 people were arrested on February 26 according to a release issued on February 28.

This organisation, which was based primarily in Granada, was in possession of an AK-47 rifle as well as ten handguns which have now been seized, together with two marijuana plantations and five vehicles with altered clocks showing a reduced number of kilometres driven.

The investigation commenced in November 2015 when Spanish officers discovered the existence of a team of criminals in the province of Granada, who were sending “mules” carrying cocaine to Israel.


Thanks to the cooperation of the Israeli police it was deduced that the leader of the group arranging these shipments was a Spanish citizen of Israeli-Arab descent, who lived in Granada which allowed Spanish officers to identify him as well as the other members of the gang.

Understandably, in addition to selling cocaine and marijuana, the group had to ‘launder’ the money earned by acquiring works of art and selling high-end vehicles with ‘doctored’ odometers to increase their  value.

Due to the number of people involved in the gang, the various sites and the fear of possible weapon use, the National Police deployed 50 officers making simultaneous raids on the locations involved.

During the course of the arrests, officers found guns, ammunition, knives, anabolic steroids and diverse police equipment including two extending batons, two bullet-proof vests and uniforms as well as €43,774 euros in cash.



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