Province is promised good quality water

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ALICANTE DROUGHT: Is the worst in living memory.

THE Generalitat has created an Interdepartmental Water Committee to monitor the drought that has Alicante Province in its grip.

Regional president Ximo Puig recently visited Alicante City to preside over the first meeting with the participation of regional government departments of Agriculture, Territory and Transparency.

The committee will meet periodically in the city to follow the evolution of the drought which is entering its third year, and will ensure the province has good quality water. 


Puig revealed the regional government will ask Madrid, regardless of who finally forms a government, for a series of improvements to the water supply. 

These include enlarging wastewater treatment plants in Rincon de Leon, Monte Orgegia, Elda and Pinedo (Valencia) to produce an additional 70 cubic hectometres of water for agricultural use.

Valencia will also ask for an increase in the electricity supply at the Torrevieja desalination plant so that production can be raised to an annual 60 cubic hectometres.

Puig described the continuing drought as “structural,” and said that the province was in a situation that was occurring 35 years earlier than had been anticipated.



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