Newspaper unusually reticent

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WHILST many of the British newspapers are talking about a new paper to be issued by Trinity Mirror group, publishers of the Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror, the group itself is keeping remarkably quiet, neither confirming nor denying the reports.

Assuming however that the national press has its facts right, this could be quite an astute move by Trinity Mirror having seen that the Independent will stop publishing a paper version and will rely on internet readers and it has also sold its relatively recently introduced i newspaper to Johnston Press for £24 million (€31 million).

According to the Guardian the paper will be called ‘New Day’, will be aimed at a middle of the road readership and will sell at 20p, whilst Sky News suggests a price of 25p and an imminent launch.


Considering the gloom and doom that appears to have surrounded the newspaper industry in the UK as well as the controversy over phone tapping and questionable payment for stories, it is encouraging to know that at least one group appears ready to invest in launching another national newspaper. 



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