Hampshire school alerts police to 15-year-old pupil who visited UKIP web site

Steve Punter Wikimedia
Douglas Carswell UKIP MP

WHEN a 15-year-old was spotted visiting a UKIP website and watching an English Defence League video on school premises, staff knew that it was their duty to consult the police on his activities and dialled 101.

It was clearly a quiet day for the Hampshire constabulary as they sent out officers to discuss the matter with both the boy and his father. Unsurprisingly both feel somewhat aggrieved at what happened and although no formal action followed, it does seem somewhat unreasonable to ask whether the boy is a ‘UKIP activist’.

According to the school, they were just following orders by asking for advice and according to the police, all parties acted correctly and in accordance with the recent counter terrorism act.


The BBC reported that UKIP’s deputy leader Paul Nuttall reacted angrily at the suggestion the party’s website was flagged in this way. “I don’t know how you can be extremists when you have 22 MEPs, a Member of Parliament, three lords and 500 councillors all over the country,” he said. “We’re certainly not extremists.”



  1. This shows how confused the establishment is in the UK, does that mean if someone visits the Conservatives website that are considered a Tory activist… and people wonder why the UK has many of the problems it has!

  2. Way back in 1975 to 1982 I was appalled to find I was living in a country that to me was what I expected in Russia. Gov kept records on every child born I was disgusted and left the job.
    Obviously now it has got worse / I am glad I left Hampshire/ how stupid is the school

  3. In 1978 I saw a picture of me with my Boat that I,D built
    So! You may say.well.it was on the local social security desk, the assistant left the file open so I could see it.
    I was there to register myself unemployed after working full time for 15 years! Big brother is alive and well in Little Britain!
    We left the country with our children ,shortly after seeing this,, that was 35 years ago…..and the best decision of our lives!!

  4. Goes to show the quality of the people at the schools.
    Obviously don’t have the brains to work out what a threat is? Wonder how many real threats they have missed
    Shame supply them with a comforter.


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