Euro Weekly News reader reveals the hidden threat to Britain and Spain

C.M. Coolidge Wikimedia
Dogs playing for our future

OUT OF a sense of public duty, one of our readers, Philip from San Fulgencio has sent us details of what he believes is an insidious plot which is sapping the wills of human beings and turning us into slaves of earthling quadrupeds with curling appendages.

We accept no responsibility for the following revelation but print it as it was received and without further comment;

I have a theory that the real threat from within Spain and the U.K. isthe ever increasing number of our canine species, dogs! They are everywhere, running wild, on leads, in pushchairs, in baskets, on bikes, driving articulated lorries, on scooters, mopeds, being carried, up peoples jumpers, in handbags ,shopping baskets, why, I even saw one directing traffic the other day. Late reports suggest they are now stroking humans and owners are sleeping with them in baskets.


Makes you wonder how they came to have four legs. I hear several secret training camps are already thriving in Almeria. Beware the dog!

The majority seem to wear designer gear, hats, cardigans, socks, hats, sun shades, blouses, hobnail boots, wellingtons, evening gowns, tuxedos. Not to mention the scouse brow and back combed barnet!!

They crap where they stand and decorate endless walls, trees and sometimes people with urine. A great many owners don’t bother picking up the mess; they leave it for some poor sod to do that.

Beware The Dog!


  1. lol, I haven’t seen one directing traffic I must admit 😉

    I have actually noticed a lot more pooches recently, I think that Spain is now much better on the doggie side than they used to be, I remember 30 years ago many Spanish showed a fear of dogs while there where quite a few strays and very few actual pets so more acceptance of them is a move forward.

    I see some town halls creating a DNA database of registered dogs so they can check against those bits left where they shouldn’t so they can fine the owners. 😉

  2. He he. Bet the EWN staff had a good chuckle at that one. Well done. May I add a wee warning to the dogs though? Beware of the cats! They’ve got sharper claws.


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