Father wins reduction in maintenance allowance by Malaga court

HORSE MAINTENANCE: Was not considered essential.

THE PROVINCIAL Court of Malaga has upheld an appeal by a man who was separated from his wife who had been awarded €6,000 maintenance, 80 per cent of the cost of bringing up the children and alimony of €1,500 per month for six years.

The couple, who separated in 2012 have two children who live with the mother who claimed that she needed such a large amount as the father was successful and the daughter had to be allowed funds to cover the cost of a physiotherapist who visited her regularly at home, the upkeep of a horse and regular overseas travel.

For the son, funds are needed to cover the cost of an SUV and three additional vehicles which he uses at the property where they live which was also part of the divorce settlement.


The judge in the appeal found in favour of the father and reduced the amount awarded considerably.



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