The truth is “The EU is like the orchestra playing on the titanic”

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JUST WHAT is Greece supposed to do with Mrs Merkel’s invitees?

WHAT happens when the million plus migrants in Germany get their travel papers? Where will they move on to?

GREECE has come closer to an effective suspension from the Schengen free-travel zone (‘our greatest achievement’ according to Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission president), after being handed a three-month ultimatum to control the influx of migrants. The EU has increased pressure on Greece by ordering it to remedy ‘deficiencies’ in its border controls.

Now, let’s see if I’ve understood all this correctly. Firstly, Mrs Merkel announces that all ‘refugees’ are welcome. Secondly, this promotes the inevitable influx from the most direct route via Turkey. Thirdly, the Greek border with Turkey is overwhelmed. Fourthly, this is obviously Greece’s fault so it’ll be punished. Am I missing something?


I’m losing track of German, I mean EU, policy towards migrants. Perhaps there will be a different one tomorrow. Hasn’t €3 billion already been offered to Turkey (plus the prospect of visa-free travel to the Schengen zone for its citizens) to stop all this? Or maybe Germany’s changed its mind on that one too. 

No wonder David Cameron’s finding it hard to keep up with the plot.

What this in fact demonstrates is that the EU is failing disastrously to deal with a migrant influx, mainly unilaterally instigated by Mrs Merkel but, incomprehensibly, subsequently endorsed by it. It then tried to parcel out to member states tiny numbers of migrants – an attempt that’s totally flopped. What happens when the million plus migrants in Germany get their travel papers? Where will they then move on to? 

And what are the Greeks supposed to do with Mrs Merkel’s invitees? Build camps for the three million expected by the end of 2017? With what? They must be wondering what benefit they get from the EU. 

Their economy’s been wrecked by the euro and the austerity programme, and the country’s officially back in recession. And now, thanks in no small part to Germany’s generous invitation, they might be kicked out of the Schengen area for failing to control their borders.

Well, let’s leave the final word to two people who should know the truth about the state of play in the EU. For European Council president Donald Tusk, the current climate is “like the day before World War One.” For Italian PM Matteo Renzi, “the EU is like the orchestra playing on the Titanic.” ‘Nuff said.

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  1. Fairly spot on. You couldn’t make this stuff up could you! Lol

    The whole EU entity has totally lost the plot, it is run by confused, useless, narcissistic people who when asked any questions in their parliament they just look at you like rabbits caught in headlights 😉

    The British ‘and others’ need to get away from this union run by a ‘nut house’ now when it has the opportunity to.

  2. I agree with Mike’s first two paragraphs. But he is wrong with his third.

    Europe needed help in 1914 … and it was Britain which saw Europe through safely.

    Europe was almost entirely lost and gone in 1939/1940. We British did not know what the end-play was to be in 1941 and we were truly fearful. (I am old enough to have been there!) But once more Europe would have been wholly lost and gone without Britain.

    Maybe we can’t see how a good end-play might come about in this 2016 chaos … but it could certainly be likely that if Britain stays in the EU, Cameron’s new British footprint might once more, in some way, provide the guide-dog to lead Europe away from being overwhelmed on its own.

    The present-day Europe very likely needs Britain as much as it ever did in the last Century … which has to be a very good reason to stay in: long-term, Europe actually matters.

  3. You are right, the EU does need the UK… but the UK does not need to be a member of the EU, the problem is they don’t listed to us so we won’t be able to make much change in any direction they go! The best thing we can do for the EU is leave it, if they want to wind back the treaties so it becomes what people where told it was to be then they might have a lot more success at going forward. 😉


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