Sabotage hits railway track


Investigators are scouring the terrain in Calpe searching for clues that might lead them to uncover the culprits behind a dangerous sabotage of the train from Denia to Alicante. 

Screws and stones were viciously lodged between two lanes of the railway track in a sadistic attempt to wreak maximum damage. 

Luckily the driver had his wits about him and stopped the train after he noticed it quite literally jumped off the tracks for a split second. Experts have concluded that, if not for his preventative action, the train quite possibly could have derailed causing significant casualties or worse. 

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Investigators quickly realised this might not be an isolated event and issued a full scale search of adjacent rail lines and tracks. To their horror they discovered further sabotage on the Benissa-Teulada-Calpe-Ferrandet line. 

Teams were dispatched to remove the threat and now the search continues for those responsible. 


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