Pregnant woman’s terror in Torrevieja


A pregnant woman luckily managed to escape the clutches of a knife-wielding madman who held her hostage for 10 hours at his home in Torrevieja. 

The traumatic shock of the ordeal was so acute that she was immediately taken to the emergency unit at Torrevieja hospital as medics feared the stress alone could have killed her unborn child. 

The full extent of her experience, and the terrible danger she was in, was revealed as the Guardia Civil stormed the man’s makeshift drug dealing compound. 


Half a kilogram of hashish, a huge quantity of cocaine, and a massive knife were uncovered after police apprehended the man, who had tried to make his escape through the rooftop. Stolen phones, jewellery and other effects were also uncovered as it became clear the man was involved in widespread violence and criminality. 

A recent renter in the man’s building, unfortunately sharing the same floor, the pregnant lady became an unwilling participant in the drug dealing thug’s reign of terror when he kidnapped her and demanded she pay a ransom for her life and that of her unborn baby. 

It was only down to her quick-witted eye for escape and a moment of lapsed attention from the kidnapper that she managed to flee her prison and rush straight to the closest police station. 

Officers immediately took her to medics who treated her and her baby for severe fright and anxiety. 

The 37-year-old perpetrator is now in prison charged with illegal detention, threats, and drug trafficking. Bail has been denied. 



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