Robbers enter through a hole in the roof in La Cañada Shopping Centre

© La Cañada Centro Comercial

A BAND OF THIEVES broke into and robbed three shops in La Cañada shopping mall in Marbella on February 23 after they entered through a hole in the roof. 

The shrewd shoplifters opened up a hole in the roof directly above a sports store located on the top floor of La Cañada. Sliding down on ropes they gained entry before the mall opened in the morning. The sports store, a mobile phone shop and a bar all located in the same area were targeted by the thieves. 

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The National Police has opened an investigation. This is not the first time La Cañada has been broken into in this way. A few years ago, at the same shopping centre, thieves stole from a store by gaining access through a hole in the roof. 



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