Oxfordshire Power Station Collapses

© Stocker1970 via Shutterstock
The search goes on at Didcot power station.

ONE PERSON has died and three are missing following the collapse of part of the power station at Didcot in Oxfordshire at approximately 4pm on February 23.  Fire crews continue to search the debris for any signs of life. 

The steel and concrete structure was one of the buildings at the Oxfordshire power station which was being prepared for demolition. The collapse has left five people wounded who are currently being treated in hospital. 

Oxfordshire Assistant Chief Fire Officer Simon Furlong confirmed the task was still “very much” a rescue operation.


Rescue workers have confirmed that there have been some signals from the rescue dogs they have been using that there are some signs of life amongst the rubble. 

“But we’ve had no significant signs, but that doesn’t mean to say there isn’t saveable lives still within the building.” Furlong continued. 

The rescue operation will continue for a number of days while 50 workers at the plant have also been treated for dust inhalation. 

The ‘A’ section of the power station which collapsed opened in 1970 and ceased operating in 2003. A total demolition of the site is due by the end of this year according to the npower website. The power station is infamous on the skyline of local Oxfordshire residents.  



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