No more mopping up in Calle Ruzafa

© Town Hall.
BENIDORM: Time for new water pipes to avoid risk of cuts in supply.

ROADS are up in the centre of Benidorm as water pipes are replaced and storm drains installed.

Hidraqua, the concessionary company that provides Benidorm’s water supply and drainage system, is financing the €600,000 project through its Investment Plan.

The work is absolutely necessary, emphasised Jose Ramon Gonzalez de Zarate, councillor for Water and Public Works.  


Calle El Pino, Calle Los Arcos and the lower section of Calle Ruzafa do not have storm drains and this, as residents know and tourists discover during periods of heavy rain, causes flooding at the bottom of Ruzafa.

Water pipes in the area are very old and in need of replacing, De Zarate said: “Some go back several decades and there are constant problems with leaks and filtrations.” Renewing them is vital, he added, to avoid the risk of cuts in the supply for the 200 or so apartments in the area.


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