HM Customs discover 22 bales of cannabis

© HM Customs Marine Unit.
Some of the collected bales of cannabis.

Officers of HM Customs Marine Unit recovered a total of 22 bales of cannabis resin along the east side coast of the Rock on February 23 according to a press release.

The bales, with a total weight of approximately 650 kilograms and a street value said to be in the region of £2.5 million (€3.25 million), were observed scattered along the east side of the Rock by Officers of HM Customs Marine Unit.

It is believed that these must have been jettisoned by smugglers but no arrests have been made.


HM Customs and RGP marine continued to patrol the areas in an effort to discover any additional bales that may be washed up and by the evening had discovered a further 13 bales making the total 35 with a value of nearly £4 million (€5.2 million).



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