Mayor’s Award Scheme

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His Worship the Mayor with a previous group who received the Award.

AS PREVIOUSLY announced, the Mayor’s Award Scheme, which until recently only recognised persons who save a life or participate in any such rescue operation or act of bravery, now encompass persons or groups who have served Gibraltar in exceptional or voluntary service over a prolonged period of time.

His Worship the Mayor Adolfo J Canepa OBE, GMH, MP, who is keen to encourage public participation in the Awards Scheme, invites members of the public to submit recommendations in order to ensure that the committee under the Mayor’s chairmanship is able to select from the widest possible field.

When considering recommendations for a Mayor’s Award, due note is taken by the committee of the provisions of the Gibraltar Medallion of Distinction – awarded by the Gibraltar Parliament – and of awards granted by the Royal Humane Society. 


Any recommendation concerning outstanding gallantry or achievement which, in the opinion of the committee, could merit such awards, will be referred to the relevant body for their consideration.

Recommendations, in writing, should be submitted before the 25th March 2016 to The Secretary, Mayor’s Awards Committee, Ministry of Culture, City Hall, John Mackintosh Square, Gibraltar.

For further information please e-mail [email protected]


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