Calls for work to be paralysed in El Oasis

SUSPENSION: Calls to stop work in El Oasis.

THE opposition parties in San Fulgencio have asked for the paralysis of the works and payments for El Oasis.

Four municipal groups that form the opposition parties of San Fulgencio; the PIPN, APSUF, PSOE and the UpyD have signed a joint motion in which they ask the Mayor Carlos Ramirez (PP) for the suspension of the project for works in Sector 2, El Oasis, and the suspension of the collection of the fees that the residents of the El Oasis urbanisation are having to pay. In the document they state that the ‘Plan Especial’ could be illegal as the details of the General Urban Development Plan (PGOU) have been modified.

The problem arose because a technical report, which was written in answer to a letter from a resident in October 2014, explained that there were irregularities in the area of Sector 2 because they did not coincide with the General Plan. The councillors of the Opposition reminded everyone that an urbanistic project can never modify the details of the General Urban Development Plan. The proposal that the PP has to accept or overturn (as it has a full majority) is to stop all works and collection of payments until a modification to the General Urban Development Plan has been made.


The Opposition Groups have also presented a document to the town hall that was signed by Samantha Jayne Hull, Rosario Mejias (PIPN), Alejandro Sampere, Dennis Pilkington (PSOE) and Joel Noche (UpyD) in which they ask for three reports: from the Secretary, from a member of the Technical Department and from the Treasurer, regarding the situation of rubbish collection, that the town hall is paying to the company GINSSA ‘without a current contract.’ This company handles the cleaning and collection of solid waste, as well as the UTE Sice-Inditec who are responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the green and garden areas of San Fulgencio.

In the document they warn that there may be an alleged crime of obstruction of justice and misuse of public funds because they are not fulfilling the terms of the initial contract (which has already expired).



  1. I find it unbelievable that the opposition parties of San Fulgencio are now complaining about the roads in El Oasis. Especially the PSOE. When these people were in charge, the then mayoress would not even meet with our members, and put a charge of 5.75 million euros to us.

    Myself having to pay 13thousand euros, and some upto 50 thousand euros. They also had the backing of these same people who are now saying we should not be paying anything at all. Crocodile tears come to mind.When the now mayor came to office he promised us he would meet our members which he did on a few occacions.

    The cost was brought DOWN to 2.25 million euros, and the work has been carried out. ( I wonde.r where the 3 million euros difference was going)? Now because he is doing extra work for the good of the residents, Remember , nothing was done on Oasis for 30 years.

    Not one cent. but we still had to pay our taxes. Maybe he didnt follow the rules, but the then opposition had their own rules, but not in our favour. Well done Mayor Carlos Ramirez.


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