Murcian tourists’ anger

PENSIONERS OUTRAGE: Tourists were not happy about being taken to a different hotel in Es Canar, Ibiza.

THIRTY pensioners from Murcia refused to get off a bus in Ibiza after realising their hotel had been changed.

The holidaymakers were on the Imserso holiday scheme for pensioners and refused to get off the bus after they discovered they had been taken to a hotel in Es Canar, Ibiza instead of the Tres Torres hotel which they had booked. 

They decided to stay and remain seated on the bus saying the company Mundiplan had deceived them.


Following a call, Local Police and the service manager arrived at the scene to try and mediate and calm the situation but the police failed to persuade the travellers to leave the bus. 

A representative from Mundiplan said it was not possible to accommodate them at the Tres Torres hotel as it was full so they had to spend their week’s holiday at Coral Beach. But tourists complained they had been duped and it was a ‘hoax,’ as they had not been informed of the change and had paid for a four star hotel but had been taken to the Coral Beach, which was of a lower three star standard.

After almost three hours, hunger, thirst and exhaustion took its toll on the tourists who gave up their protest.


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