2016’s holiday bookings to Spain soar by 27%

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Families are among travellers who feel safer in Spain.

BOOK now, or miss out, ABTA is warning British holidaymakers as they continue to shun longer haul destinations including Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey in favor of Cyprus, Malta, Portugal and Spain.

Reports from February 20, claim that the surge in popularity of Southern European resorts follows several terrorist incidents and Foreign Office warnings. 

ABTA has released figures showing a 27 per cent increase in reservations for Spain, while bookings for holidays in Turkey has plummeted by 50 per cent expert. 


The figures suggest that when faced with risk factors such as the increased potential for bomb blasts, plane downings and beach shootings, British tourists are looking to destinations closer to home. 

Bob Atkinson, who works for Travel Supermarket has revealed that Spain is currently the price comparison site’s “most searched for destination” while ABTA’s Chief Executive Mark Tanzer claims that “the significant increase in summer holiday bookings to western Mediterranean destinations is also being mirrored in other Northern European markets. “

Weather permitting, the UK is also expected to experience an upsurge in European visitors. 

Several tour operators are reported to have changed tack in light of recent developments within the industry. Award-winning travel firm Mark Warner has cancelled its 2016 Turkish programme, while Turkish travel specialists Elixir holidays is reported to be close to bankruptcy. 

Eager to settle the nerves of increasingly anxious travelers, airlines including Thomas Cook and Monarch are said to be significantly reducing flights to troubled zones, while increasing the number of flights to this years’ top destinations. 


  1. Thats what they have been saying for the last couple of years and although there where supposed to have been many more people coming to Spain last year I didn’t see a lot of difference on the streets compaired to the previous year. People I speak to in the UK don’t seem to be changing their holidays destinations from where they generally go although I know I can’t take that as a guide but I don’t hear any worry from them or at least not enough to stop them. Although I am sure some people are put off going to Turkey, Egypt and Morocco a lot of people are not! Maybe the number of 26% more bookings come from people booking early this year!

    Morocco’s tourist trade is booming although the Financial times state an estimate of 1 to 2% drop this year through less French tourist bookings for Morocco but British and German tourists are growing in numbers according to them.

  2. Yes this is great for Mallorca but not to put a damper on things it’s not because the tourist board did a great job it’s only because of what’s happening around the world lol . But what a great idea they have come up with eco tax ?
    if it was me I would ask hoteliers to keep prices down airline to do the same reduce landing costs have tax free trading for hotels in winter over the next 4/5 year and bring the island back to its glory.


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