Youngsters’ alcohol use concerns experts

UNDERAGE DRINKING: Experts are concerned with the findings of the survey.

AROUND 80 per cent of adolescents aged between 14 and 18 have tried alcohol, and almost the same percentage have had a drink in the past year. 

That’s according to the findings from the latest survey on drug use in students of secondary schools (ESTUDES), prepared by the Ministry of Health. 

Minister for Health, Alfonso Alonso noted these figures show that consumption has declined in the past two years. 


However, experts in the field are still concerned at the findings: “We are talking about minors and therefore consumption should be zero, and yet this survey shows that an overwhelming majority drinks, it is a resounding failure,” said Bartolome Perez Galvez, head of the Unit of Alcohology at Alicante’s Sant Joan hospital.

The so-called ‘risk’ consumption of those drinking dangerous amounts also sheds disturbing figures, 32 per cent of young people were binge drinking on weekends. “Risk consumption is considered more than 50cl for boys and 30cl for girls,” said Perez Galvez.

Whilst drinking poses a concern, the study also showed that 18 per cent of youngsters had regularly had cannabis, “a very high figure,” according to Perez Galvez.




  1. There are many reasons young people drink, environmental drinking habits, family drinking habits, friends, stress, access to alcohol, boredom… life isn’t getting any easier for youth to cope with in todays world and most things evolve around partying and having fun, nowadays that generally involves alcohol.

    Cannabis use in general in the south of Spain is extremely high from what I can see.


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