Rajoy indictates new general election on the cards for Spain

SC / YouTube
Mr Cameron and Mr Rajoy, deep in conversation.

AS Spanish Socialist Worker’s Party leader Pedro Sanchez is busy trying to form a four-party coalition government, Prime Minister Rajoy has been overheard telling David Cameron that a new election will likely be held in four months’ time. 

The two premieres were filmed while conversing at an EU summit in Brussels and Rajoy is heard saying “the most likely thing is that there will be elections on June 26.” 

Apparently unaware that cameras were rolling as he chatted to the British PM, he continued: “We have an investiture ceremony in March and I believe it will not work out.”


December’s inconclusive polls have led to weeks of political gridlock culminating in the Spanish King Felipe VI nominating Socialist Sanchez to negotiate the coalition, after Rajoy refused to lead the first round of talks.

But as insurmountable divisions between the other parties continue to thwart Sanchez’s best efforts, he has failed to make significant progress and has only two weeks left to gather support. 

He expressed his frustrations in a tweet when news of Rajoy and Cameron’s tete-a-tete broke, saying: “I am working for Spain to have a progressive government, while others in Brussels already talk of new elections. Pitiful.” 


  1. Spanish politicians: Madre Mía! We are unable to make new laws for 8 months!
    British expats: Yippee! They are unable to make new laws for 8 months!
    Spanish people: Olé!


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