Despite police efforts they’re still there!

© flickr by William Helsen
LEVANTE BEACH: Favourite pitch for the potato men.

THEY are called the Potato Men but the game they play in Benidorm’s busiest streets is a variation of Find the Lady.

They are there to fleece passersby and their favourite pitches are on the Levante Beach and the Avenida del Mediterraneo where British tourists predominate.

Only the ‘trileros’ ever win because the pea supposedly hidden under a potato is usually tucked behind a long fingernail, and police campaigns have been insufficient to dissuade the ingenuous from playing.


The Potato Men have an efficient lookout system, and when patrolling police reach the scene their improvised stands, usually two cardboard boxes, have disappeared. 

The men saunter off, mingling with the crowds. 

The police are doing all they can, a source revealed, but much as they attempt to eradicate the problem, the best they can do is to prevent the situation from getting worse.



  1. Don’t think they’re trying very hard. A quick search on YouTube for “Benidorm pea men” shows loads of videos going back years. You can see them outside the indoor market near the Hotel Nero a couple of times every day. Would be easy enough for a few plain chlothes police to catch them.


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