His credibility has been knocked

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DAVID CAMERON: His so-called deal with EU members amounts to just about zilch.

ALTHOUGH a Conservative supporter, at present UKIP is looking far better alternative

I SUPPOSE I should actually find it flattering. Well, be that as it may, I would like to take this opportunity to inform those people, who look at me with incredulous disbelief and ask if I actually write this column; I most certainly do. It’s all my fault! Ok? Right, moving on. 

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What a load of complete and utter, intelligence insulting baloney Cameron has been trying to foist on us all this past couple of weeks. His so-called ‘deal’ with the EU members amounts to just about zilch. There are only two things that truly worry the public at large. 

One: Control of our borders and the present policy of virtually unrestricted immigration. Two: The rules and regulations emanating from the power mad, non-elected PC, ‘Uman rights bureaucrats of Brussels. And what has he achieved toward a solution of these two most crucial causes of public concern? Nada! 

Apart from a four year period of non-benefit for new immigrants, which he has never stopped crowing about and is apparently based on some vague sliding scale, plus the insipid child benefit ‘charade,’ a highly complicated and no doubt expensive procedure, which can actually result in some immigrants getting even higher benefits than they are receiving now – he may as well concede to the ‘out’ vote without even bothering to call a referendum. 

It’s the arrogant and brazen way he underestimates and insults our intelligence that sticks in my craw. No I’m sorry Dave, the credibility you have lost over this debacle could not only lose you the ‘in’ vote and subsequently lead to your resignation, but may well do the party such irreversible damage they could well lose  the next election. The spectre of Prime Minister Coburn is hovering nearer Dave, and it’s all your fault. The same as this column is mine. 

I have always supported the Conservatives, but frankly at this moment UKIP is looking a far better alternative. For God’s sake get a grip and show some ‘cojones.’ I hate to add before it’s too late, because I fear it already is!

Keep the faith. Love Leapy.


  1. What do you think everybody? Cameron’s “Special Status” for the UK inside the EU has just been announced. Let’s have an open and free discussion on what may turn out to be the biggest issue for a generation – either on Leapy’s space or anywhere else that’s appropriate on the EWN website.

    What about you Leapy? Feel free to add comments yourself if you like! Or do you only write something if you’re paid for it?
    We do it for free. Other columnists have commented online before. Why don’t you? Go on. Forget the money. Do something for nothing Leapy. It’s not hard.

  2. Oh Kally, you are so right. I’m so in tune with what you’re saying!

    On top of all the dreadful attitudes towards refugees who are fleeing from war, there’s all this muddled thinking going on and I think it’s going to produce a bad outcome that will affect us all – whichever way the referendum goes! I’ve already experienced the Scottish referendum and there’s a strong feeling of déjà vu. Scotland is now split down the middle and I don’t very much like what it has become. I feel pretty sure that the rest of the UK will go the same way now.

    I’m angry with Cameron for calling an unnecessary referendum that risks all our future lives for nothing other than a political ploy to appease his own Tory backbenchers in order to give him a quieter life for most of his premiership! He can now look forward to being a very rich man and a life peer so I’m pretty sure he doesn’t give a toss for the likes of you and me! I suppose he never did in the first place. And therein lies the problem. All my life I’ve seen so many self-centred politicians clawing their way to the top of the pile at our expense. If I had the power I’d do away with the whole bunch of them and create a more sensible way of doing things.

    It would be nice if we could get shot of Leapy too, but that’s another story.
    In the meantime all we can do I suppose is prepare for the worst – and hope for the best.

  3. What happens to Leapy’s great Spanish adventure if Britain leaves the EU?
    Will our very own right-wing commentator in sunny Spain have to go back to Blighty?

    He won’t like that… but a lot of us will.

  4. Who sez you don’t write your own column Mr. Leapy? Only Mr. Silly would believe that! No, the suggestion was completely different, remember? Maybe you don’t read properly what other people actually write. Perhaps if you did, you wouldn’t waste a whole paragraph on total clap-trap.

    I suggest you go back and check. Either that or confess you deliberately mislead the readers you old stirrer. Incidentally all your different names, including your favourite one, don’t make any difference y’know. They still turn up the same results in the same search engines. Yep, you’re definitely you. No getting away from that. But then, what’s in a name?
    So, moving on as you put it –  concentrate, Mr. Leapy. Do I have your full and undivided attention? Read this carefully…

    You’re absolutely right about Mr. Cameron!

    Have you picked yourself up off the floor yet? Need to borrow any bandages from Mr. Bump?

    Mr. Cameron is the worst of the Mr. Men ever invented. Unfortunately he’s real, just like you.

    I suspect Mr. Cameron is going to cause even more trouble than he has already before the Tory Party finally gets rid of him. Maybe he’s even more dangerous than Mr. Far Age!

    That’s probably more than enough of the Mr. Men stuff for now (phew.) I promise there’ll be something different next week.

  5. Hi Josephine. Spain is not leaving the EU! You’ll still be in an EU country if you live here 😉 or hadn’t you thought of that?

    There’s a lot of muddled thinking going on in the British expat community right now. It’s as if you think you’ll retain all your UK rights while living outside the UK if it quits. Not so. EU rules will still be in force in Spain. It’s the UK ones that will expire! Maybe they’ll be renegotiated but that is by no means certain. Spanish politicians are not renowned for laying back and saying tickle my tummy – especially to British ones. Just look at Gibraltar.

    Let me be clear. UK citizens living here – including Leapy of course – will be left with fewer rights than Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants! What do you think of that then Leapy? Second class citizen behind all those other immigrants you seem to despise! How ironic.

    Time to put on your thinking caps people. Either that or just throw in the towel and go back to cold wet Britain where you’ll be at the mercy of Mr. Cameron. And yet you’ve just said you don’t like him either Leapy! Oh what a muddle you’re in.

    Of course you could always move to Gibraltar instead – but it might get a bit overcrowded.

  6. [quote]…If you think you’ll retain all your UK rights while living outside the UK if it quits. Not so.
    Spanish politicians are not renowned for laying back and saying tickle my tummy – especially to British ones. Just look at Gibraltar.
    Time to put on your thinking caps people. Either that or just throw in the towel and go back to cold wet Britain where you’ll be at the mercy of Mr. Cameron. And yet you’ve just said you don’t like him either Leapy! Oh what a muddle you’re in.

    Of course you could always move to Gibraltar instead – but it might get a bit overcrowded.

    Well said, Brian.
    Wonder what the expat property prices will be like here in Spain, when all the Tory/UKIP-voting Brits have to sell up and move back to their beloved homeland? They’ll take a hammering, if they can sell at all.
    If we vote ‘OUT’ I may have to go into the international removals business and make my fortune.
    Wonder how much stuff Leapy’s got to take back to the old country? Must be loads, as he’s so ‘famous’!!

    (Fade out to “There’ll Always Be An England…”).

  7. The Common Agricultural Policy accounts for the largest chunk by far of the EU budget – more than Defence, Education, or Health. At one point it even stood at 71%! It’s a lot less now, but how much do you actually know about it? Have some of you even heard of it? Will the UK be able to do without it if we quit the EU? After all it’s the farmers who feed us at the end of the day. Without farmers we would starve.

    I saw a programme on BBC Scotland recently called “The Market”. A farmer auctioned his small herd of cattle for half a million pounds! You could have cut his Highland accent with a knife. In fact many of you would have had difficulty understanding him even though he was speaking English. But he or his neighbours probably provided that juicy Aberdeen Angus steak you enjoyed the other night. How would quitting the EU affect that?

    Go on guys. Ask Google some questions about such things and inform yourselves. The search engines provide answers to virtually any question you can think of. I’ve yet to see one return a blank. Let’s have an informed debate. From today until the referendum we need to discuss these things.

  8. Just for fun Barry I looked up Coburn 😉 Turns out there’s a David Coburn who’s Scotland’s only UKIP MEP! And he’s openly gay. Obviously Leapy’s prime candidate for next Prime Minister!

    This begs the question Leapy – did you actually mean this guy or could it be someone else called Corbyn? I think we should be told. Spill the beans. Tee hee.

  9. Cameron’s special status….ohhhh, how embarrassing. He’s achieved nothing that will help Brits inside the UK, nor outside (not that he cares about the latter) and all he’s managed to do is pee off the rest of Europe.
    The EU migrant benefit ban is ridiculous. EU migrants aren’t the ones leaking the benefit pot. Everyone has to blame the foreigners. (Just as well Spain doesn’t or we Brits would be the target of tabloid-style hate speech, wouldn’t we…)
    So much for an EU reform that would make the union ‘more open, closer to the people, competitive…’ etc. It’s just been a petulant request to move further away from the rest of the team, keep out the pesky foreigners (because we all know that if you’re not British, you MUST be rubbish. Leapy thinks so, doesn’t he?) and was aimed at kow-towing to UKIP voters and Eurosceptic Tory backbenchers. But it’s made us the laughing stock of Europe. And guess what? If our lives are screwed up by an ‘out’ vote, we won’t get any sympathy from our neighbours in our adopted countries, because they’ll say we’ve asked for it. (Except ‘we’ didn’t; the UK government did).
    Our Graham still won’t admit he’s an immigrant, but I think he’d be a bit miffed if he became an ILLEGAL immigrant. Karma is hilarious, isn’t it…

  10. Hi Leap. I did write on your facebook page but don’t know how often you read it, so I’ll repeat it here. At the present time anyone who is an expat and lives outside the EU, does NOT get an increase in their state pension. If Britain come out of the EU does this mean expats living in Europe will stop getting the increase? Also will expats be able to vote either way in the election?

  11. Hey, what if ol’ Loopy Lee really DID mean “Coburn” could be the next Prime Minister? Ok, we know he was either on the sauce again or his latent dyslexia bubbled up at last, but let’s go with the idea that he really MEANT to write “Coburn” instead of the other guy. Well, here’s my take on the future according to Loopy. I think you’ll enjoy it.

    It’s based on something wee Nicola reiterated on the Andrew Marr programme this morning (Sunday) to the effect that if Scotland voted to stay IN the EU but England voted to leave she would almost certainly hold ANOTHER Scottish independence referendum and she might just win this time. Honestly, they’re like buses – you wait for ages…

    Anyway, so Loopy reckons there’s a chance we might get a Prime Minister Coburn in Number 10. (As I mentioned before he’s a Scottish UKIP MEP.) By the above scenario then, he would be England’s first gay UKIP Prime Minister, working as a Member of the European Parliament instead of Westminster, and whose constituency would be in a foreign country!

    You couldn’t make it up. Except Loopy Lee just did!
    (Just joking btw. I think!)

  12. (Colin Fox, above: Only if they’ve been outside the UK less than 15 years. Which means anyone who’s been settled in an EU country for longer is at the mercy of Daily Fail readers in the UK who believe boringly-simple and lazy arguments about how much the UK pays the EU (yaaawwwn) and rubbish about immigration).

    Blimey, gay and UKRAP?!?!?! How does THAT work?! I thought all us LGBs were as pesky as foreigners (and no doubt those who live in the UK sponge benefits off the taxpayer. After all, LGBs don’t pay taxes, the lazy rotters).

  13. Hi Kally. How about all us minorities – LGBTI, Scots, Welsh, Irish etc – take over Loopy’s page completely? That should make him choke on his cornflakes!

    More seriously though, this 15 year rule preventing many expats from voting is just so wrong in so many ways. My wife and I are lucky enough to be registered to vote because we’ve only been here for 4 years, but I really sympathise with those who are falling foul of the ban. Being Scottish, I’m used to having no influence in UK votes though :-/

    The Scots have been ruled by right wing Tories in London for most of my adult life even though they’ve always voted against them. No wonder the SNP are so popular! It still makes no difference that we voted the SNP into 56 of the 59 Scottish seats at the last UK election. We still got Cameron to rule over us – with an increased majority! How does that work?

    This referendum will be exactly the same. It seems pretty definite that England will vote to leave while the Scots vote to stay in and wee Nicola will have her way. Result? Not only will  the EU lose the UK – the UK will break up too!

    Welcome to the brave new world Loopy! Incidentally, your next PM will actually be Boris the clown while Cameron will go down in history as the man who destroyed the United Kingdom. Nice one Dave.

  14. The migrants should not be allowed in, it is in our and their interest to have them sent back before they get out of their boats, why? Because it would save lives, not create pointless expenditure by outer countries they cross to get to where they want to get to and stop them from coming. Anyone who has half an ideal should be able to see that and doing what I have just said WOULD SAVE LIVES! It is horrendous what is happening to these people but opening the door to Europe is not the solution and is the most cruel thing that could be done to them, the reason the migration crisis is in the chaos it is because of stupid do-gooders. A suggestion would be to build camps in safe areas of their country and then process those that need to be processed before they make an attempt to come to Europe.

    I think everyone knows your sexual orientation Kally, we don’t need you using the EU and migrant crisis to shove it in our faces once again, especially when the topic isn’t LDB’s. Personally I think you just show your hateful desperate nature with these stupid comments you make.
    They try to scare us with the break up of the UK lol, honestly there is no end to peoples lack of understanding. People, the UK will not loose business, we have a £60 Billion deficit with EU countries so there will be no problems with trading after a Brexit and there will be no extra costs either, it would be in the EU’s interests to work with us on OUR terms!

  15. Any Scots I have spoken to or listened to on this subject ‘apart from Brian of course’ have no interest in leaving the UK in or out of the EU!

    Big business WILL support staying in because the EU creates bureaucracy, that work large European business loves but the small business hates, why? Because bureaucracy helps cut out the small time competition to the larger business who can handle the bureaucracy more efficiently over the small business.

  16. LOVE your comments, Brian Eagleson. Brilliant!!! Just as an aside, the quickest way to get rid of those annoying foreigners who only head to the UK (nowhere else, of course) to sponge benefits (rather than to work or escape bombs) wear headscarves and blow people up (rather than wearing what they want as the rest of us do and deploring violence like anyone else) would be to nominate Loopy Graham as PM. Then, just watch everyone whose British DNA didn’t start around the time of the Vikings run screaming from Little England seeking out sunshine and a warm welcome in a place where foreigners are treated as ordinary people and given the equal respect they deserve. Rather like Spain, as our own experience as immigrants shows.

    Mike, you’re very rude. We all know you’re a homophobe who thinks his heterosexuality makes him entitled and gives him superior rights, so we don’t need you to shove it down our throats. My LGB-ness is as integral to me as my nationality, age and being blonde, so I mention it as glibly as I would describe what I cooked for dinner. The only ones affronted by this are the ‘phobes who are STILL, unfortunately, kicking around and causing problems for 10% of the population. Get some social education and learn respect for other humans. You might even get some back in return.

    Remember you’re an immigrant, too, Mike. Glass houses and all that.

  17. Mike in ESP.
    How would sending them back to bombed out homes with no food, water, electricity or sanitation save lives? It would kill them – slowly and agonisingly – every last man, woman, child, baby and unborn baby. I can just see them saying “Yeah, let’s all go back and get bombed! That’s a great idea Mike in ESP had!” Why do you think they’re risking their lives in leaky boats fleeing in the first place? You amaze me – honestly. Also you would need large numbers of “boots on the ground” escorting them back through the war zone – something no Western leaders will contemplate. Sending them back unescorted would merely allow them to turn round and find some other way back again! So your first idea is simply not practical, workable or even ethical.

    Your other idea of keeping them in camps in “safe areas” inside their country is simply laughable. What safe areas?! Do you understand anything at all about war? To create a safe area you have to completely clear it of hostiles. How do you do that? Your army becomes directly involved in the war chum! Big time! Then you’ve got to defend it – constantly. I guess you don’t know this, but as it happens, Turkey has built a refugee camp right on its border with Syria. It WILL be attacked. It’s only a matter of time.

    I suspect your ideas come from the Pontius Pilate school of thought – let’s just wash our hands of them. Have a nice comfy life here in Utopia and take a “forget” pill

  18. Seriously Mike in ESP, where do you get your ideas from? I’m a Scot – you should know that already 😉 and I spend a lot of time in Scotland – and I’m not alone. The reason why those you talk to are not interested is because they’re… well… not interested! The turnout in the Scottish IndyRef was 84.59% – an all time record for any political vote anywhere in the UK. Now THAT’s what I call interest!
    The Scots I talk to don’t share your opinion btw. Neither does wee Nicola the First Minister, nor does the SNP leader in Westminster, Angus Robertson. Both of them were on TV recently – Nicola on Andrew Marr’s programme on Sunday and Angus on the 6 o’ clock news on Monday during the commons debate. They both reiterated with perfect clarity that an EU “out” vote by England and an “in” vote by Scotland would trigger another IndyRef in Scotland. Here’s something else. The opinion polls currently show a majority of English wanting out of the EU and a majority of Scots wanting to stay in the EU. A perfect storm if ever there was one. Just wait for the results on 24th June and stop making silly statements in the meantime.

  19. Brian, as I mentioned I know you are a Scot, in all honesty I believe the average Scot to be more intelligent than Nicola Sturgen, Scots will not have any benefits in leaving the UK and I am of the thinking from the ones I have spoken to that they understand that.
    If the UK did leave the EU and the Scots wanted back in then that is their democratic right and that will be as it will be.
    How on earth do you think Scotland is going to keep themselves, from EU handouts? Because it is not as simple as it looks to cover the cost of running a country. Sorry but personally I give the Scots more credit in their intelligence that to go in the direction you think you all will but as I say, if that is what they want to do then that is up to them all to decide and not just one person.

  20. Iy would have saved a lot of deaths from drowning for one, camps could have been build in safe areas and ‘countries beside them’ they could have been filtered from there. The EU is not fast acting as we have seen but if done properly that could have been put in place within a few months.
    Have you any idea of the pain and problems that have been caused in other countries because of these people crossing or going to them, the picture is always bigger than than meets the eye.

    I think the ideas that people who think like you are a big problem for modern society and the cause of many problems we face today not just on the migration side, the answer is not always panic if you stop and think there can be other answers that work better, just as you panic about leaving the EU.

    You say you feel DC is an idiot because he gave a vote on a referendum, I think he is an idiot too but not because of that. People like you are obviously of the though you are something special, you take democracy because you think it is your right then kick people when they give that democracy you so take for granted… the UK is supposed to be a democratic country ‘although the EU is doing it’s best to tear that down’, while it is then giving people the vote they have been asking for for is that democracy in motion…. you know that Scottish referendum, same sort of thing Brian!
    There are more peoples lives and future at risk here than yours and a couple of other of us expats.

  21. I have stated before Kally that I think your issues are deeper than you think.

    I am hetrosexual and I get on with my life without going around shoving a placard in people faces telling them I an hetrosexual, that is normal heathy behaviour but it is you that is the one shoving homosexual in peoples faces, as I have said before it is you that has the issue and it is you that are very rude Kally and not me.

    The fact that you try to compare me with the migrant issues that are taking place at the moment shows you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Your remarks are childish and from what I can see you make no point other than try to offend, as I have mentioned before on other sections, you need to deal with that hate you have.

  22. Perfect reply Kally to Mike in ESP. I like your style too btw.
    This ESPMike obviously hasn’t Googled the REAL Graham like we have. Either that or he chooses to blind himself to the faults of anyone he agrees with. Then he “bigs-up” his imagined faults of people he doesn’t agree with. He needs to understand of course that being gay is not some kind of “fault” in the first place. I have known many gay people throughout my long life and I am proud to call many of them my friends.

    As you have pointed out, he’s one of the many backward-thinking types who seem to believe being gay is some kind of lifestyle choice! Like “what shall I have for tea today?” or “will I wear the red cardigan or the green one?”

    Sadly, I think he will never learn to respect other people who are “different” from him. People like him and Graham will always believe they are 100% right about everything and that everyone else is wrong – a bit like the religions really – all the “One True Faith”.

    “Keep the faith”…
    By implication Graham, that means “Just have faith in Lee Graham. For Heaven’s sake don’t start thinking for yourselves bruthas an’ sistas!” God forbid!

  23. Dearest Mike in ESP, I’m just reporting the facts based on solid knowledge and research. You’re just writing self-opinionated, unresearched fiction.

  24. Wow! That’s quite a rant! Time to calm down Mike in ESP and start doing some proper research on your chosen subject. I’d love to see you face Paxman on University Challenge. He would wipe the floor with you.

  25. Erm… Mike in ESP. What have you just been doing if not “shoving a placard in people’s faces” about your own attitude to other people’s sexuality. Take a good hard look at yourself chum. Your naked prejudices are showing.

  26. Beware Newspeak and Doublethink. In 1948 George Orwell wrote these concepts into his devastating political novel ‘1984’. Although it was published away back in 1949 it is every bit as valid in 2016 if not more so.

    Today (24 Feb.) David Cameron’s “friend”, who has even gone on holiday with him in the past, namely Michael Gove the UK Justice Secretary has stated that Dave’s EU reforms are “not legally binding”. Newspeak and Doublethink!

    Here’s the truth. Any agreement made by the leaders of all 28 nations of the EU is entirely legally binding. It can only be altered by all 28 gathering together again and agreeing to change it. If only one nation, say the UK, opposes that change it will not take place. Total unanimity is required.

    Some friend, eh? Some Justice Secretary!
    Cameron should choose his friends more carefully and Gove should swot up on his sketchy knowledge of law. He’s almost as bad as Iain Duncan Smith, who claimed he had qualifications he doesn’t have and who did not attend educational establishments he claimed to have attended.

    These are the people who rule over you!

  27. You haven’t understood one word that I have said Brian, that tells me a lot more about you! I too have Gay friends but they do not choose to shove that fact in peoples faces at every opportunity as does Kally and thats the big difference, now if you had read what was said you would understand the issue is not her being gay it is how she handles that issue… anyone who has to keep making a statement about their sexuality to me has a problem.

  28. Brian, I remember reading somewhere that 66% of Scots wanted to stay in the EU, that was about a year ago if I remember correctly but I would guess that figure to be less now, now if the UK came out of the EU I really don’t think those people would actually want to leave the UK because of that. Brian, there is no way any normal minded person would want their country to leave the UK, there is no gain in doing so and I really do think you should give your country folk more credit than that!

  29. Er, I think the subject came up because of Coburn (sic) being an openly-gay UKRAP member (which, prima facie, is incompatible rather like a British immigant living in Spain moaning about immigration). My reply was entirely in context. Rather like if the subject of pets came up, I’d mention my seven cats. Or if the elderly came up, I’d mention my 90-year-old Grandma (who, incidentally, thinks people like you who would happily send war victims to a camp to freeze to death are rotters – and she should know. She lived through a war caused by your type of fascism).
    Actually, I mention my GM and kitties as much, if not more, than being blonde, Aquarius, British and an immigrant in Spain (oh, and being LGB, like one in 10 others).
    I don’t have issues or anger, Mike. I leave that to bitter and twisted homophobes like you with a chip on their shoulder and a sense of entitlement. Those who think I shouldn’t even mention a key aspect of my makeup (and DNA). Next time you read about homophobic bullying in schools, or a kid of 11 attempting suicide for that reason, think hard on your outdated and cruel views. ‘Phobes have blood on their hands.
    But as you have no empathy with people whose homes have been bombed, I can’t expect you to care about bullied schoolkids.
    You’re just angry, bitter and ill-mannered. Grow up.
    Brian, EXCELLENT. If you were female I’d marry you. Can’t add much more to your brilliant arguments, so I’m just going to sit and watch for a while!!!! Well done, that man.

  30. Er no, the reason it came up was because you mentioned it, as you do in practically every other post you make!

    The fact you keep calling people twisted homophobes every time you don’t agree with them shows YOUR hate and anger Kally, you are the one who needs to do the growing up.. your not the only one who had problems nor has had them nor will you be the last, hundreds of thousands of kids have issues and major issues at school… Don’t tell me about what bullying at school is like because I know and it wasn’t in a day when teachers or anyone else took any notice of it, in fact many the teachers would be some of the bullies!

    As far as the people who have their homes bombed, well lets just open the door and let several million people into Europe, we can’t afford to look after ourselves, give full NHS care, police our streets as they should be, look after our elderly properly, look after the homeless in the UK, look after the children with problems in the UK but hell yes lets welcome the whole dam world who are having problems… its not that simple, never was and it never will be but unfortunately there are people out there like you who think it is.

    I am not going to play a game of tennis by words with you Kally but you never know, Brian might love your offer, maybe he will surprise you and tell you he actually really is a woman! Then you would be in your element wouldn’t you 😉

  31. Er, Mike. Read the full thread before you start ranting. You’ll give yourself a stroke the way you carry on. Some way down the list, the very subject of this thread was the mention of Coburn (sic) whom, as Brian pointed out, is an openly-gay member of UKRAP. That’s a bit of a dichotomy, really. It’s about as hilarious as your pretending you have ‘gay friends’ (gay people don’t befriend ‘phobes. They need to go back into their caves and resume their hunter-gathering). Anyway, I’m not going to repeat what you didn’t bother to read.
    I’ve mentioned that I’m blonde twice as often as I’ve mentioned I’m an L. You didn’t chastise me for shoving my hair-colour in your face, did you? I wonder why?
    And if I want to slip it into conversation at any point, on or off a forum, I can do so if I wish. Do you talk about your wife occasionally? Well, then. Stop ramming your heterosexuality in people’s faces, and others will stop ramming their cat-ownership in yours. (Oh – sorry. I meant Aquarianism. No, hang on…) (And it’s just occurred to me I haven’t mentioned I’m vegetarian in a whole eight minutes – gosh! No wonder my veins are bursting through my forehead, the tension is unbearable! But I have meat-eating friends – albeit they don’t flash the carnivore card at every opportunity, unlike some who will take any excuse to shove tales of the juicy rump steak they just ate, or their bacon-and-egg breakfast, down my throat. Which brings me full circle to one of Brian’s sound arguments over the benefit of the EU…Angus steaks.

  32. On the subject of refugees – actually, the UK is one of the world’s richest countries. It’s doing okay, financially. Jobs are relatively easy to get. The NHS is poorly managed and right-wing politicians are only concerned with lining their own pockets. In any case, the UK is far richer than the countries which are currently housing those poor so-and-sos who have managed to get out of Syria (Lebanon, where the population is 48% refugee. Turkey isn’t safe. Greece, Malta and Italy cannot cope). If every town in the Comunidad Valenciana took one family of refugees, assuming an average of four per unit, that’s 2,164 immediately in an area the size of Wales. I’m sure each town has a spare house or a bit of land to shove a decent mobile home on. Now, multiply that by every town in Europe – the whole of Syria is resettled and nobody even notices. (I hope Spanish refugees fleeing torture, death and bombs didn’t get the same mean-hearted and hostile reception when THEY turned up in UK. If they did, they’re a very forgiving bunch, given Brits’ attempts to colonise entire swathes of coast). My Grandma says she’s horrified by how fascist society is becoming – didn’t we learn anything from the War? She asks. (Oh, whoops. I’ve just shoved my granddaughter status in your face. Must remember not to keep advertising it on every post).
    BTW, if you were bullied at school, you really ought to have a bit MORE empathy with kids and teens who are bullied because of people with YOUR attitude to something that’s an integral part of their genes.

  33. Aw, poor wee misunderstood Mike in ESP. My heart bleeds.
    I’ve READ every word you’ve written. (Gawd help me!)
    I’ve UNDERSTOOD every word you’ve written
     I DISAGREE with every word you’ve written.
    Get used to it.

    Re. your views on the Syrian war and consequent refugee crisis – wait and see.
    Re. your views on Brexit – wait and see.
    Re. your views on Gays and Lesbians. You’ve said more than enough. Time to stop.

    I have said all I need to on these subjects. I stand by all the points I have already made.
    I will not be drawn into repetition.
    You on the other hand can carry on repeating yourself as much as you like. Go on. Keep digging! That hole you’re making for yourself gets deeper and deeper with every shovelful of whatever it is you’re writing. I’m going out now for some fresh air!

  34. Brian, stooping to new lows now eh, should have guessed the real you was a little less than you portray. BTW don’t bleed for me, I am not the one who uses the ‘poor little me’ syndrome to back up my opinions when I need more ground.

    I did think there was a little more to you Brian but obviously I was mistaken. 😉

  35. Mike in ESP, anyone who dishes out dirt like you have been doing constantly for several days now must expect at least some of it to be thrown back. If you can’t stand the heat…

    I will always give as good as I get. Doesn’t make me a bad person. Especially when 
    I am responding to such clearly nonsensical views as the “send them back where they came from” variety. That’s what started this spat. Your views on the refugee/migrant situation are not only utterly simplistic and impractical. They are frankly unethical and immoral. And when it comes to “stooping to new lows” you clearly know all about how to do that yourself.

    My natural instinct when faced with someone who writes such unethical, simplistic trash about such a complex situation, is to show them up for what they are in front of everyone else. In your case, I don’t even have to do that. You’re doing a great job on your own!

    On the other hand if you start writing something sensible and fair I will respond in kind. The choice is yours. You’lI note I actually praised Leapy for his item today (25 Feb.) That’s because I’m a fair minded person and I believe in giving praise where it is due. However, you won’t get any agreement or praise from me until you write something agreeable or praiseworthy!

    Meanwhile, I agree with Kally. I think you need to lie down in a darkened room with an ice pack on your fevered brow before you have your heart attack.

  36. Hi Kally!
    Re. “If you were female I’d marry you” I love it! That’s the nicest thing that’s been said to me recently! (Big hugs)

    I’m tempted to have the operation but my wife says she won’t let me!
    You are a fabulous, smart, witty lady and I am proud to stand side by side with you. Keep up the good work.

  37. Brian, there are no facts on the Scots leaving UK if UK left EU but there is the common sense factor and I give your country folk more credit than what you do as there is no advantage in them leaving.

    Yes there was an 84% turn out and guess what Brian, they voted to stay in the UK!
    Brian a majority of Scots wanting to stay in the EU doesn’t mean they will vote to leave the UK if the UK votes to leave the EU, I would have hoped that was something that wouldn’t have been difficult to work out and as I have said before, if the Scots did vote to leave the UK then that is up to them!

  38. Brian, all I can say is we have some daft politicians in the UK and Europe but thank the lord we don’t have you making decisions for us in the UK parliament, country would probably be in even more problems… if you are so worried about the well being of the immigrants then give your money to them Brian, all these people saying they should be given this and given that, well then big boy give them it them it then… there are many people in the UK who need help and we cannot afford to give them it… bringing them into the UK is the wrong direction to go in even though I know you don’t agree.

    BTW, I don’t get stressed enough to have a heart attack so you won’t be getting rid of me that soon 😉

  39. It’s not a cause, Mike. It’s just part of who I am. Did I mention I was a blonde, British, vegetarian Aquarius living in Spain with seven cats and granddaughter of a lovely 90-year-old lady?
    (D’ohhhh!!!!!!! Did it again!!! STOP flashing the cat card, promoting the blondeness, ramming my GM down people’s throats and shoving vegetarianism in people’s faces. Must remember to censor all that in public in case a passing mention offends!!!!)
    Oh, actually…you didn’t give me grief about all that, did you? Just about another aspect of my genetic structure.
    My aunt used to be like you – a staunch homophobe who ‘didn’t want to see or hear about it in public’ (being very churchy was a factor). Needless to say we weren’t best mates. But the Good Lord, or Karma, works in sweetly-subtle ways – her own daughter has since turned out L and married her girlfriend last year. Now, give my aunt her due, she’s now fiercely fighting our corner in the C of E.
    You never know when prejudice might come back to bite you….
    As for the bit about how anyone who agrees war refugees should ‘be allowed in’ ought to stick their hands in their own pockets – well, fund-raisers organised by Spanish councils and associations have amassed cash to help them. A global ferry firm offered to transport them. Most towns are setting up registers of residents who have spare houses or rooms they could allow refugees to stay in. I’ve put my name down – with the caveat that they would need to like cats. A lot.

  40. Dear Mike in ESP, I have been dropping very broad hints that you need to let this go for some time now. I have tried to ignore you but you keep on coming back for more again and again. Your multiple posts are all over the place in every sense of the phrase. Please remember for your own sake this is a public forum and you are doing yourself no favours with your repetitive insults to our intelligence. The people who were reading you before are probably turning away in droves.

    Bearing that in mind this will be my final response to you on your chosen subject and then you can continue to rant all you like to an empty room.

    You know nothing about what I do with my money so you have no excuse for being so flip about it. I shall simply reply to you that I have been supporting among other charities Medecins Sans Frontiers since its very beginnings. You know, the one whose field hospitals are being bombed in Syria and elsewhere – the one whose doctors, nurses and other staff are being killed while they try to heal innocent victims who are attempting to flee a war zone. In case you seize on this as some imagined boast it is not. I would never have mentioned it if you had not made your ridiculous suggestion in the first place. What you do with your own money is your own business and nobody else’s. So is mine.

  41. Brian, please don’t you come on as Mr. high and mighty, you and Kally are not a exactly a pair of Angles, I might point out it is you both who keep pushing more again, multiple posts…. intelligence… who do you think you are?

    You write about the dangers of leaving the EU and know nothing about those dangers except that it effects you, a British exit is about millions of peoples future Brian, there are a lot of people in a much better place and standing than you ‘and I’ that who think so.

    Brian, you need to come into the real world! It is a tragedy what is happening to many people in the world today, also to people in the UK! But: UK debt is €1,5 billion and growing, repayments P/A £45 billion, growing EU payments and if interest rates go up well then we will be in trouble! We have cut backs on welfare, HNS, police budget, education and everywhere else, government will be making more huge cuts… serious problems of our own are they not? Then people like you say we should allow these migrants into EU countries ‘basically UK’ to help them… we haven’t got the resources Brian!
    Please don’t try and turn what I said into a ‘what I do with my money is my business’ scenario, you have an issue with it then you should get together with Jude Law, Corbyn and the rest and finance it because it is the rest of the UK that will need to pay for it not you, Jude Law and Corbyn… and the UK has serious financial problems already.
    And hopefully that is the end of your multiple posts! 😉

  42. Sure, we’re ‘Angles’ (sic) – in this case, we’re RIGHT angles. Get used to it!
    Certain forum posters need to learn to state their case (however unethical and tabloid-influenced) without resorting to personal insults. This shows lack of reasoning power, and it’s hard to take a poster seriously if they’re unable to argue their point without mud-slinging.
    Correct spelling and punctuation also makes posts easier to follow. Just saying.


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