Fuengirola marks a historical moment

© Alexander Tihonov via Shutterstock.
MAYOR: Announced a series of celebrations to mark the independence date.

STEEPED in the engaging history that flourishes throughout Andalucia, the town of Fuengirola has its origins in the ancient Phoenician and Roman times, with an honourable mention by Pliny the Elder, one of the earliest recognitions of the fledging community.

Peppered today with the remnants of Moorish rule, it was not until the 19th century that Fuengirola truly came into its own. 

This week marks the 175th anniversary of the town’s formal demand to be recognised as a municipality in its own right, as a group of residents requested segregation from Mijas on February 9, 1841. 


The key protagonist of the move was a wealthy landowner named Nicolas Cotrina, and his dedication to the cause was honoured by current Mayor Ana Mula, as she noted the town’s historical moment. 

It took a few months, until May 30, for the request to be consolidated and Ms Mula has announced a series of celebrations to mark the independence date, with programming expected to be unveiled in April. 

The legendary festival ‘Ciudad de Fuengirola’ will also take place in April, and is expected to possess an extra vigour as the town celebrates its 175-year evolution from small fishing village to vibrant cosmopolitan metropolis.



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