UK Parliament to be slashed

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Houses of Parliament

THE HOUSES of Parliament will undergo a modernising overhaul as the standing government confirms it will cut the number of MPs from 650 to 600.

Rejecting a finding from a cross-party committee than the move would be to the detriment of the parliamentary system, the government will press ahead with the plans and will also attempt to ensure no constituency has more than five per cent above or below the national average number of voters.

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Constituency size has long been a political hot potato with numbers varying dramatically, some have more than five times the number of voters than others. However, the issue has been affected by inter-party accusations over perceived political gain.

A parliamentary report has opposed the move, arguing that constituencies should be reduced gradually over time . The government, however, has dismissed the findings and will go ahead with the move, objected to by the Labour party which accuses the Conservative government of putting party politics ahead of the collective good.


  1. Good news cutting back on MP’s but I wonder which areas they will combine to do that!

    It would also help to get rid of the House of Lords while they are at it 😉

  2. about time. there is far too many mp’s sitting on their backside doing nothing. Very few will reply to letters and leave it to their ‘secretaries’ and to me they are over paid and mostly useless


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