Almeria public prosecutors denounced as exam cheats face prison time

sakhorn via shutterstock
Heavy punishment

PROSECUTORS are being denounced for going to extreme lengths as two Almeria boys are being charged with falsifying public documents and may face one year jail sentences and finds if the Public Prosecutors office gets its way.

A lawyer for one of the students has decried the situation as barbaric and disproportional, also arguing that an exam paper should not be considered an official document.

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The two teenagers allegedly pacted for one to pretend to be the other and sit a Junta de Andalucia regional government exam to obtain access to a higher education training scheme in September 2014.

“They have not harmed anyone and even though this conduct was reproachable, it does not create enough social alarm to have them sent to prison,” attorney Jose Carlos Segura said.

“That this case is going to trial is already disproportionate and I believe it could be solved with an administrative fine or sanction of academic consequences,” he continued. “This kind of punishment threatens them with a loss of liberty and records them permanently as criminals.”


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