Corruption probe widens net as Popular Party headquarters raided

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Transport infrastructure is the main line of business for OHL.

THE OFFICES of the Popular Party and international construction firm OHL have been raided by Spanish police, in connection with an on-going corruption investigation, reports from February 12 confirm.

As part of a bribery and money laundering probe, the offices of former PP member Beltran Gutierrez and OHL board member Javier Lopez were searched on February 11, the latest in a series of raids that have left the PP red-faced.   

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The latest phase of corruption investigations concerns the alleged payment of unauthorized commissions in exchange for lucrative work contracts worth €250 million (£322 million). 

The Spanish political landscape has been blighted by corruption allegations in recent months. A former PP regional president was detained along with 23 others in Valencia, January 2015, while in 2014, 51 people, including businessmen and high-profile government officials, were arrested on suspicion of bid rigging. 

The latest opinion polls have revealed that political corruption sits in second place on a list of Spain´s most pressing social concerns, while unemployment, still topping 20 per cent in the country, takes the top spot. 

The shadow cast by the allegations has seen the ruling PP party lose votes and lead to the current political meltdown still in play.


  1. Yes, the two main things most people try to tell everyone here ‘Spanish, tourists, people who ask’ but nothing is ever done to sort these issue out apart from the odd slap on the wrist and nothing.

    I fear that nothing is going to change much here in Spain, certainly anytime in the near future!

  2. Yes and the folks here still vote for this “crowd of *****”… when you ask why, and mostly they are the older generation the answer is “well better the devil we know than the one we don’t”….. The selfish older generation should consider the FUTURE OF THIS COUNTRY … the youngsters… What future have either the PP or the PSOE ever offered them… between the two parties they have three and half times the politicians that Germany has but only half of Germanys population and the highest “real” unemployment of under 25s in Europe… our taxes one way or the other go to pay Politician salaries, commissions, pensions, cars, drivers, administrative assistants, etc. etc… and not where it’s needed. The UK is a real “country of saints” when compared to this crowd of crooks!!

  3. Most foreigners don’t understand how the Spanish think but that is normal as many people of one nationality doesn’t understand peoples of another nationality generally have a different * way of thinking * if that makes sense, and the Spanish in general have no real idea about politics. It appears to me is if they see or like one thing about a party ‘and it can be something small’ then then they decide that is who they vote for rather than taking everything the party stands for, comparing and then taking a decision. I also think it is true as you say, the elderly have one party they have voted for and nothing will ever change that. I don’t think it is the elderly being selfish at all, it is they are not very constructive in their thinking, that is young and old… I don’t mean any disrespect in saying that, it is a general observation I have made over the years of being here. The Spanish have positive straits but constructive evaluation is not one of them!


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