Balearic Parliament votes to amend the animal protection law to include a ban on bullfighting


THE Balearic Parliament voted on Tuesday (February 9) to amend the animal protection law to include a ban on all forms of bullfighting in the Balearic Islands. 

The proposal was presented by the political parties PSOE, MES of Mallorca and Menorca, Podemos and Gent Per Fomentera.  The amendment will also prohibit any event which causes suffering to an animal and pressures the State Government to eliminate public funding of bullfighting.

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The campaign Mallorca Sense Sang (Mallorca Without Blood) has been lobbying for the past two years to stop this practice which they consider to be animal torture and ‘death for fun’. Thirty-three of Mallorca’s 53 municipalities as well as the Council of Mallorca have declared their support for the ban. 

Campaign spokesperson Guillermo Amengual predicted the decision would be historic and that thanks to the efforts of many people and the support of the governing political parties in the Balearics, in a few weeks bullfighting will just be a bad memory.

More than 146,000 people signed the petition against bullfighting which included some well-known names from the worlds of fashion, sport, and culture.  

Some villages have not declared support for the ban including Muro which supports the practice and Fornalutx which hosts an annual bull-run.


  1. I truly hope the ban spreads everywhere …. Bulls and any animal should not be tortured for entertainment or for any other reason …. Keep spreading the ban sign petitions …. Even in the villages with bull runs this must be banned

  2. If they will allow Bull Leaping, not torture and far more fair to the Bull, they can keep their spectacle, but without the blood and killing
    . Only someone truly brave will leap a Bull.

    I hope BULL FIGHTING is banned everywhere soon, very soon.

  3. This is the most wonderful news!!!!!!! Thank you so much to EVERYONE that campaigned to stop this cruelty to the animals, Such a call for celebration!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sempre achei as touradas algo cruel,bárbaro.Infelizmente existem outros países com práticas cruéis contra os animais.Rezo para que toda a maldade cometida contra os animais acabe um dia.Sonho com um planeta onde todos os seres vivos, animais,insetos,plantas vivam em paz.

  5. Seems they have men there-real ones.And real laws and no corrupted primitive government.Besides could think of many ways of how can tourists be attracted to visit even more now

  6. Thank you, at last this torture is forbidden. This is such good promotion for your beautiful land. But most of all these wonderful beings deserve respect, dignity and a place to run and be free. Let the rest of the world follow.

    Vegan love.

  7. Well Done. I guess these “real men” want to be’s are going to have to find some other way to convince others that they in fact are real men at all! Go stick it somewhere else you degenerate cowards!

  8. This is the best and positive news.
    I am happy for the animals THE
    BULL’S no torture for them .
    Thank you all so much for the support
    en help ….. CARE FOR THE ANIMALS

    ATENTION…. Irene the netherland’s


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