Another sponsor rejects International Association of Athletics Federation

Mohan Doha Stadium Plus Wikimedia
Lord Coe.

FOLLOWING the scandal that has affected the International Association of Athletics Federation and the withdrawal of major sponsor Adidas, another international sponsor Nestlé announced on February 10 that it was terminating its sponsorship of the IAAF’s global Kids Athletics scheme a year early.

This second loss cannot come as good news to recently appointed president Lord Coe who is reported to be angry and may take legal action to ensure that Nestlé fulfils the terms of its contract.

Such an action however may itself discourage potential future sponsors from stepping forward, especially if Nestlé argue that their reputation may be damaged by being associated with an organisation that is accused of corruption.


In the meantime, two Kenyan athletes who in 2015 were banned from athletics for four-years because of doping, have come forward to claim that the chief executive of Athletics Kenya offered to reduce the length of suspension in return for a payment from each of them of $24,000 (€21,000).

As Russian athletics attempt to rehabilitate, it has become clear that they are currently unable to comply with the rules laid down by the World Anti-Doping Agency and for the time being, until such time as they are compliant, the UK Anti-Doping body will be responsible for undertaking the required tests on Russian athletes.


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