New traffic cameras detect seatbelt and mobile use

© Marques / Shutterstock.
Radar warning on Spanish roads.

Spanish traffic authority Trafico has confirmed that a new generation of traffic cameras will soon be installed nationwide. 

Of the 70 new cameras bound for different parts of the country, 19 of them are headed for Andalucia.

The high-tech cameras are laser-operated and able to shoot 50 photos a second. Trafico confirmed that they will mostly be installed on Spain´s B-roads. 


When the cameras capture images of drivers using mobile phones or travelling without a seatbelt, they are programmed to forward those to Trafico who can trace the driver from his or her registration plates, and issue fines accordingly. 

The state-of-the-art apparatus can run without a mains power source or internet connection, which makes them suitable for installation in rural or extremely remote parts of Spain. 


  1. Good idea. We need more of them. Both myself and the wife have been close to an accident several times because some idiot was on the phone. Some people just never learn!


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