Cadiz bar closes after customers fall ill

© bonchan / Shutterstock.
Tortilla, the dish at the centre of poisoning allegations.

A BAR in Cadiz is accused of accidentally poisoning some of its customers who came in to eat a meal there, according to reports from February 9. 

Some 66 people became ill after allegedly consuming tortilla at the local bar, which has been named in the press as ´Grimaldi.´ The diners´ symptoms are said to include abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever and vomiting. 

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The Andalucian Public Health Service in Cadiz has confirmed that more than 20 people affected were hospitalised. The authority is awaiting post-mortem examination results to reveal whether a 26-year-old man with a pre-existing heart condition, who died shortly after visiting the bar, was also poisoned.  

As soon as health officials became aware of a string of customers allegedly suffering salmonella-like symptoms, the city centre bar was closed down.   

The head of Cadiz Public Health Services, Andres Rabadan, addressed concerns about the health of the victims at a press conference today, confirming that those hospitalised were making good progress and that any “worrisome” cases were over the worst.  


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