Royal pretender gets ready to appear before Spanish courts

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Ana Botella and the illusive Little Nicolas.

A high-flying hoaxer by the name of Little Nicolas will appear before Madrid courts charged with three counts of criminal activity. 

Young socialite Francisco Nicolas Gomez Iglesias is suspected of impersonating a public officer, forging documents and bribing officials, after passing himself off as a Royal Palace envoy during a trip to Lugo in northwest Spain. 

The well-connected conman made headlines when he was arrested in 2014, after a complaint from the deputy prime minister´s office alleged Mr Gomez had posed as a secret service agent and government advisor.


A search of the alleged fraudster´s home revealed numerous official-looking documents with stamps from Spanish government departments, its royal household and National Intelligence Centre (secret service).

Investigating authorities believe that the valuable documents were being used to bolster Mr Gomez´s claims of being a high-ranking official with friends at the top of the ruling Popular Party, which Gomez has been a member of since he was 15. 

Over the years, the insatiable social climber has been seen schmoozing important people in exclusive venues, and was even photographed shaking Felipe VI´s hand at the Spanish king´s coronation.

A PP source told the press “He was always bragging about his contracts, he saw himself as a high-flyer, but a few months ago we began to hear rumours that he was getting into trouble.”  

Officers are investigating claims that a businessman was taken for €25,000 when Mr Gomez promised he could him help shift an exclusive property for a fee. Close inspection of the alleged scammer´s bank accounts revealed several suspect payments, including one for €100,000 received from an unknown source.

 The latest allegations to emerge from Lugo are that Little Nicolas journeyed to Ribadeo to meet a businessman, Jorge Cosmen, of the ALSA transportation group. 

Clearly trying to impress his contact, Little Nicolas is accused of booking several restaurant tables in the name of the king, who he claimed would attend in person. Additionally, he called the local mayor and requested that roads around the area be closed for the King´s security detail. 

Little Nicolas was later seen arriving at the restaurant without a single member of the royal family but escorted by three luxury vehicles and even some local police officers. 

If he is found guilty of bribing those officers to appear with him, he faces four years in jail. 

The high-profile case continues. 


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