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PROFESSIONAL and amateur cyclists often claim that they feel defenceless on Spain’s roads.  

Euro Weekly News reader Stephen Pawley does not agree.  “Professional cycling teams practising in Moraira, Benitachell, Javea and Denia pose a danger to other road users,” he told us. “They seem to think they can ignore regulations and behave as though they own the road.” 

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Professional teams expect motorists already on a roundabout to give them right of way, complained Mr Pawley, and they routinely ride through red traffic lights in full sight of the police who do nothing.  

On the Benitachell-Javea road he was confronted not long ago by cyclists riding six abreast who forced him to drive onto the verge, he said. 

They urinate at the side of public roads without the common decency of going behind a tree, Mr Pawley continued.  “If I did the same I would be arrested by the Local Police or Guardia Civil for indecency.” 

He suggested that the police should ensure professional cycling teams adhere to the rules.  “This is especially true in winter when there are many elderly drivers whose reactions are not as fast as they were,” he said.


  1. Dear Sir,

    I wish to congratulate Mrs Linda Hall for her article on the cyclists on the road who are training.

    It is a real scandal the way they put the traffic in danger.

    My experience is on the road Moraira-Benitachell.

    Kind regards,

  2. They often cycle 3 or more abreast (I’d understood the maximum allowed by law is 2), do very little to allow cars to pass even when they could pull over and blithely cycle through red lights.

    With all the bends on the roads on the Costa Blanca, overtaking is often impossible or, at least, hairy. So drivers either have to take a risk or be content to drive along at 40kph and watch the tailback grow behind them. Lorries and buses have virtually no chance of getting past.

  3. Cyclists here ‘in Andalucia anyway. are a disgrace, they have no road sense and appear to think they have the right of way everywhere, I don’t understand how there are not more accidents because of them and that the police don’t seem to be interested.

  4. Dont you think we are being a bit British? This is Spain and they have done this for years.

    A bit like us in the UK when people are riding horses on country lanes. I bet the Spanish cant understand why we don’t over take.

    OK Peeing at the side of the road is wrong. That should be corrected. And they should go out of sight.

    But we are here it is the way it is.

  5. I am appalled at the way these so called professional cyclists treat other road users. They ride at least 3 abreast on narrow windy roads making it impossible to pass or very dangerous, we have experienced undertaking and overtaking by several cyclists and them flying down steep windy roads taking bends on the opposite side of the road! They are both arrogant and agressive and cannot believe they get away with it!


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