Valencia regional government backtracks on hospitals

TORREVIEJA HOSPITAL: Will remain in private hands until 2021.

THE Generalitat is dropping plans to return five regional hospitals to the public sector.

The PSPV socialists, one of the three parties now controlling the regional government, made an election promise to de-privatise the system. This has now been ruled out as too expensive, the Health Department announced.

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Compensation payments to private companies running hospitals would be too high for the cash-strapped Generalitat, found a study by the UGT trade union.

The contract for Hospital Ribera-Alzira (Valencia) which expires in April 2018 will not be renewed, confirmed regional health chief, Carmen Monton. 

But budgetary concerns mean that Torrevieja hospital remains in private hands until 2021, as returning it to the public sector would cost €28.5 million. Denia hospital, with a contract until 2024, would require €53.5 million, while Manises hospital (Valencia) whose contract also expires in 2024 would involve another €52 million. Elche’s Vinalopo hospital would cost the Generalitat €63 million. 

The UGT report pointed out that there were other ways of recovering the hospitals. “If they do not comply with every clause on their contracts with the Health department, these could be rescinded,” said UGT official Miguel Uso.


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