Two arrested for alleged crimes in Motril

ARRESTS: Both men were remanded in custody.

THE Local Police of Motril recently resolved two separate incidents by making two arrests. One man was arrested for a presumed crime of gender violence and another was arrested for allegedly violating a restraining order.

In the first incident, a patrol car was sent to a street in the east of Motril following reports that a woman there was in a state of distress. After being questioned by the police in the presence of two witnesses, the woman confirmed that her partner had assaulted her and then ran away.

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After carrying out a search of the area, the officers found the presumed aggressor. The man was arrested and has been handed over to authorities.

Meanwhile, in another incident, a man turned up at his parents’ home asking for money, despite the fact that they apparently had a restraining order against him. The man was arrested and remanded in custody.



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