Malaga may take Andalucia to court

MARGARITA DEL CID: Said the Junta has failed to comply with regulations.

THE Malaga PP have put their boxing gloves on and decided to get tough with the Junta de Andalucia regional government, who they claim owes a total of €96.13 million to the councils of the province.

General Secretary of Malaga PP Margarita del Cid, said that Junta de Andalucia has failed to comply with existing regulations, which oblige them to raise the budget assigned for Andalucian town councils by €60 million each year, until the total budget reaches €600 million. 

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Del Cid suspects that the PP will consider taking this violation to court, as well as presenting motions in each council mustering support for their demand for the Junta to pay its debt.


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