Dog surveys: Torrevieja wants owners to help shape future policy

© Mark Scott Austin, Flickr.
DOG’S LIFE: Torrevieja wants to know your opinions on life with a dog.

TORREVIEJA’S Department of Animal Protection of Torrevieja is conducting a survey to find out the habits of dog owners.

The aim is to find out more about the needs that they have, to help the town hall organise specific campaigns to improve negative situations and the coexistence between those with pets and those without.

Councillor Carmen Morate said: “The first phase is underway in the city centre and nearby neighbourhoods, but the intention is to extend it to other areas to have a sample as wide as possible, identify needs that may occur and for residents to make proposals.”


Among the questions that are being asked to owners include those related to the microchip, about whether they are castrated, and when and where their dog is walked. 

Dog owners will also be asked their opinion about the requirement that the dog has to always be leashed and whether there are enough spaces for dogs.

To take part in the survey, go along to the OARI office in Torrevieja. Participants will also receive a small gift.


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