Alicante gang accused of social security scam

© Wikimedia Commons - Zarateman.

A CRIMINAL ORGANISATION suspected of defrauding the Spanish Social Security system has been dismantled by the National Police in Alicante, reports from February 1 confirm.

Working from a base in the Orihuela, the gang created fictitious companies to sell fake work contracts to those seeking economic benefits or residence in Spain. 

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Low labour contracts ranging from between 200 and 300 euros per month, were sold without there being any actual work done. This activity, concealed behind the façade of the gang’s construction-related business, enabled the criminals to swindle more than €500,000 of Social Security from the General Treasury’s coffers.  

Investigating officers discovered that the fake workers were recruited directly by the ’employers’ fronting the companies set up by the ring, which is accused of enlisting some 42 persons to the scheme.

Those detained include two businessmen, one manager and 31 alleged fake workers. Some of the suspected gang members are said to be untraceable, having returned to their countries of origin. 

The charges brought against those involved are reported to include criminal gang membership, forgery and embezzlement. 


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