Latest Daesh propaganda threatens both Britain and Spain

Still from Daesh video
Convicted of belonging to DAESH

YET ANOTHER video posted by Daesh on January 30 warns of attacks on Europe whilst a French speaking member tells Spain that it will ‘pay dearly’ for having crushed Muslim rule in ancient Andalusia, mentions Cordoba and Toledo and says the ancient land of Andalusia is Muslim and has not been forgotten.

The video also shows the apparent execution of alleged spies who appear remarkably sanguine as they are supposedly shot by Daesh operatives of whom at least one is long haired and white.

Also in a written article, supposedly due to the increase in British attacks by “imbecile miscreants” on the terrorists in Syria and Iraq, it is stated that an attack on Britain will be so horrific it will ‘turn children’s hair white’ – apparently based on a statement in chapter 73 of the Koran – and that attacks in Europe will make September 11 and the Paris massacres fade into insignificance.



  1. Threats coming thick and fast now… Mostly thick! 😉

    The daesh individual who released this ridiculous nonsense is even thicker than most. “Turn children’s hair white”. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen! “Propaganda”? Big joke! Time we laughed in the faces of throwback troglodytes like this one. Let them hear our laughter loud and clear!

  2. This really is desperate stuff that daesh are resorting to now and it just goes to show how deeply desperate they are becoming. It even looks like this video is faking the shootings just like a bad tv movie with bad actors – probably some of their own mob who can’t even fake being scared.

    They know they are on the run in all their so called “strongholds” and now they’re throwing the toys out of their prams resorting to destroying defenceless ancient monuments while threatening to take back Spain! Fat chance! Do they seriously think they would be any kind of match for NATO and Spain’s own highly trained military? If this rabble even tried to storm Spain (which they won’t) with a handful of second hand weapons and improvised explosives they would die like flies! Bunch of idiots.

  3. Daesh, Isis, Al queda were all created by CIA, MI5,
    Israel and Saudi Arabia. Anything they say or do is directed by big money interests. If there is a terrorist attack on Spain it will be because they issued an arrest warant for Netenyahu for crimes against humanity.

  4.  Don’t worry Annie. They’re not stealing your money any more than the bankers! You should probably be more afraid of THEM than Muslims!

    More seriously - I know you probably  mean well and you’re just saying, “…it’s all pretty worrying” but WHY is it worrying you? I’m a bit concerned that your comment reminds me an awful lot of the German people’s irrational fears of the Jews in Nazi Germany. And look what THAT led to!

    No offence, but please be careful when you start to fear an entire religion. It’s not as if they’re trying to convert you or anything! They do not represent any threat to you. Truly they don’t. Mostly, they’re just ordinary people and they just want to be left in peace – just like you and me. Daesh or IS is no more representative of them than the IRA were of Catholics.

    Funny thing is, did you know Jews, Muslims, and Christians all worship the SAME God! Just in different ways. Check it out if you don’t believe me. Doesn’t bother me of course. I don’t worship anybody 😉

  5. Hi Harry.
    Nice to see conspiracy theorists are still alive and well. I suppose you also think the moon landings were faked! 😉 Sorry chum. You’ve been watching the wrong sorts of tv channels. Heheh.


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