Calls to stop Aguilas beach parking


AGUILAS has requested to the Government of Murcia to prohibit caravan parking on the beaches.

Mayor Maria del Carmen Moreno (PSOE) has requested an urgent meeting with the heads of the departments of Development and Tourism, as well as representatives of the government office, coastal municipalities and the camping association in the region.

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“The goal is to progress in the drafting and adoption of a law allowing the prohibition of this practice and authorise municipalities to punish by fines,” said Moreno, who also said that “parking of caravans and motor homes by the Aguilas beaches has become a familiar sight while campsites are empty.”

The Mayor lamented that the town hall “cannot do anything about it, because the caravans are in dependent areas of the Directorate General of Coasts of the region”, whilst “fully furnished campsites” are losing out on business.


  1. these camper van owners are nothing more than parasites on our community. they dump their waste in the sea or down drains and they take water for free from the beech. they spend very little or virtually nothing in bars and restaurants and are a blight on the landscape. they should be fined and moved to campsites where they belong. this is the same problem in the bay of mazarron.


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