University Hospital Los Arcos del Mar Menor gets Help

VOLUNTEERS: Hospital team offer help, support and guidance to those in hospital.

HELP Murcia Mar Menor is proud to present its hospital visiting team.

The dedicated volunteers visit the University Hospital Los Arcos Del Mar Menor throughout the year on a twice-weekly rota basis, to chat with English speaking patients of any nationality.

Besides offering a friendly face in sometimes frightening situations, they are able to provide a wide range of aid and support and to help with worrying situations including being ill alone in Spain, incorrect, out-dated or no paperwork, holidaymakers needing support, having an elderly and/or infirm partner at home left unable to cope, pets left unattended, houses left open, cars left in the hospital car park, the list is endless.


Occasionally problems are much more difficult but with the wealth of information stored in the Help office, the charity’s volunteers can make light of many an awkward situation.

The volunteers (carrying written permission) pass through the hospital armed with a smile, magazines and leaflets which inform the patients of the resources available to them after they leave hospital, such as meal services, help in the home, acquiring mobility and bathing equipment, free transport services, and the feeling of not being alone and that someone out there really does care.

From time to time they are contacted by social workers from other hospitals in the Murcia Region to see if they can assist, as well as from the British consulate in Alicante asking them to give support to other patients and their families.

The hospital visiting team is a very successful part of the charity Help Murcia Mar Menor and in the future they are hoping to extend this service to other hospitals within the Murcia Region.

For more information on hospital visiting or any other questions about Help call the office in Los Alcazares on 968 570 059, or visit the office situated behind the Deutsche Bank, open Monday to Friday 10am-1.30pm.


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