Socialist party leader Pedro Sanchez closes door on Mariano Rajoy

Pablo Sanchez

IN A statement made on January 30 after a meeting with socialists in Madrid, Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) leader Pedro Sánchez said that Mariano Rajoy “should give up all hope” of being re-appointed Prime Minister of Spain, “The Socialist Party is not going to pardon him”.

He went on to say that if asked, in his next meeting with King Felipe, which is due on February 2, he would accept an invitation to become prime minister and would attempt to persuade parties on both the left and centre right to support him, but not at any cost and not involving Mariano Rajoy.

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He went on to say, “We want to change the government because we want to put an end to the Popular Party’s reforms.”

He then referred to the refusal by the interim prime minister to form a government by stating “If Rajoy doesn’t go to a vote of confidence, he had better go home. The PSOE will try to form a government”,

He was particularly scathing about the PP after yet another scandal over corruption broke, this time in Valencia, suggesting that the PP needed to regroup, move into opposition and elect a new leader.


  1. Interesting political times for Spain. I’ve been following the developments since December’s election very closely and hoping against hope that the long-suffering Spanish people would finally get some relief from Rajoy’s draconian policies. This may also spell the beginning of the end for the deeply embedded corruption that is self-evidently rampant in Spanish political circles. Perhaps some fresh young faces will be sweeping away the dead hand of Spain’s old guard in Madrid at last! Let’s hope so. It’s either that or another election hard on the heels of the last one!

  2. I must agree that Rajoy is living in another time & it is not the future, I don’t think Pedro Sanchez is the man to lead Spain, Rajoy has shown he is not either. Spain needs drastic change, the PSOE nor the PP are the ones to make those changes! The only party whose manifesto touches on being in the right direction as far as mentioning one of the biggest problems the country faces ‘unemployment’ is Ciudadanos, but would they be able to run a country and they don’t have the voting public behind them.
    I really do despair for the Spanish even though the problem could be argued it is of their making. Never in this countries history has it ever had a generation of people so well educated and where are they? Working abroad because there is no work here, a national disgrace & shows the incompetence of Spanish politicians interested in nothing more than themselves, that goes at both national & provincial level.
    Sadly a lot of those Spanish will not return, they will meet a partner, marry and probably stay where they are… lost by Spain, a good example of why not to let Spanish politicians run things 😉

    Corruption is in the Spanish blood, I cringe at the amount of money taken by Spanish politicians & civil servants since joining EU and land prices escalated! I don’t think corruption will disappear at anytime in the near future as it is installed at every level, the culture lends to it and it lends to the Spanish culture.

  3. Thanks,Brian Eagleson!

    Spain needs fresh faces.

    Mariano should stand down and let Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría do the negotiating for the PP.

    I support PSOE and Pedro’s best hope to protect the change agenda is a strategic coalition with the more moderate sections of the PP, Cs, PSOE and some sympathizers from the regions like the Canaries.

    The PSOE must accept that it is not a majority party and perhaps consider Albert Rivera as the consensus-builder within the new coalition.

    The coalition should extend goodwill to Podemos and place their representatives on key policy committees.

    Podemos will vote with the grand coalition on most issues and on lessening military commitments to NATO at a time of extreme problems for Spain.

  4. I supported PSOE but it gained only 89 Deputies.

    The change agenda is now best served by the formation of a coalition without Mariano as leader.

    Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría is a better negotiator.

    The grand coalition might even consider Albert Rivera as Prime Minister with Pedro as Deputy or vice versa.

    Spain cannot risk the instability of a caretaker-government until new elections are called.

    Podemos can be given an indirect place in the government by goodwill towards some of its policies and the representation of Podemos as chair of some parliamentary committees.

    Spain can also appease Podemos by cut-backs to NATO commitments and support for human rights issues.

    With a bloc of over 250 Deputies, the PP-PSOE-Cs and some regional deputies can government Spain well until 2020.

  5. In all honesty Ryan I really don’t think the PSOE is the party to help Spain, they where the ones that set Spain up for the slide into the slippery hole of darkness financially by Zapetero and his cronies. The PSOE have run the Junta de Andalucia for… God knows how many years now, when I say run it I mean into the ground, if I didn’t know any better I would say they are trying to destroy it!

    The PSOE are as corrupt as the PP and as backward, this country needs politicians who think in todays time and not one that think as if they where transported from the past!


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