Recycling of broken glass has increased in Fuengirola

© Helga Esteb / Shutterstock
DIFFERENT CONTAINERS: Recycling is now becoming a bigger part of people’s daily routines.

PEDRO VEGA, the councillor responsible for the town’s cleaning services has announced that environmental care in Fuengirola is getting better year on year. 

Figures just released show the recycling of glass in 2015 increased 40 per cent with more than 1,700 tonnes of broken glass being collected.

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The figures reflect that people’s habits and attitudes toward the environment are changing year after year, and more and more, recycling is becoming a part of their daily routines.

Fuengriola has more than 1,200 containers for selective collection of materials, with 330 specifically for depositing glass.

The town council has made a big effort to raise awareness for recycling and using the different containers, carrying out different awareness campaigns and giving more options to the people so that they can recycle more easily.


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