Padron renewal meeting in Nerja

TOWN HALL: Will hold a meeting on February 3.

THE Foreigners Department of Nerja is launching a campaign to inform residents about the requirements to renew the municipal padron (residents’ register), with a particular emphasis on expatriates. 

Around 1,600 foreign residents in Nerja could be removed from the official census statistics if they do not renew their padron before March 31.

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An informative meeting has been announced for February 3 to present the new campaign. It will take place at 10.30am in the plenary session room on the second floor of the town hall. The objective is to show foreigners the importance of renewing their padron.

“They only have to contact the town hall to confirm their data,” representatives from the Foreigners Department have said. “If the padron falls below 20,000 inhabitants, we will lose services and we would have a reduction of police officers, firefighters or teachers, as well as a significant amount of money,” they concluded.


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