Mallorca getting greener

© Chixoy Wikimedia
Cas Tresorer combined cycle gas power plant Palma.

FOR many years the bulk of Mallorca’s electricity was supplied by coal fired plants, but according to a recent report it has now dropped below 50 per cent (from five years ago) to a much more acceptable 32 per cent, although there is considerable room for improvement.

This drop is thanks to an increase in the supply of power via submarine cables from the mainland, which has been in operation for just four years and now supplies 23 per cent of the island’s needs. 

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Other benefits are from a gas powered turbine, also connected to the mainland but solar, wind and wave power supply a measly 3 per cent of the energy requirement, and it is in this sector that the government intends to concentrate in a bid to use only renewable energy by 2050.


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