Callosa project rejected twice by courts

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CALLOSA COUNTRYSIDE: Plans for 1,500 homes.

CALLOSA still wants the Anibits-Margequivir development plan to go ahead.

All political parties on the town council agree on this point, and recently voted to back economically-important local bodies who want the project to go ahead. 

The Callosa agricultural cooperative, the regulatory committee for denomination-protected (PDO) local nisperos, the Business-owners’ Association, the board of the Caixacallosa bank and the Irrigators’ and Users’ syndicate have approached the regional government, asking it to approve the


Anibits-Margeqivir project. This envisages 1,500 homes, an 80-room hotel and a golf course on the lower slopes of Sierra Bernia, but has twice been rejected by the courts. 

The scheme is currently at the consultation stage following appeals from the public administrations affected by the proposed urbanisation.  

The project is viable, the town hall insists, and Callosa needs to grow, insisted the Compromis-PSOE coalition. “Callosa has only 7 per cent of building land while Altea, for instance, has 31 per cent,” said Callosa’s Mayor Pep Saval.

“The population has shrunk by 358 in the last 15 years, while in nearby Polop it has grown by 133 per cent. The Anibits-Margequivir development is vital,” Saval claimed.


  1. The last thing the area needs is this development. For the following reasons:
    Water shortage
    The sewage plant situated in Altea and which is the responsibility of the Altea town hall, cannot cope now, so how will it cope with the shit created by this development
    Callosa needs to expand through its strength agriculture, not by the quick fix of tourism.
    The destruction of the natural Vista along the Bernia can never be undone. Look at the example of Altea hills.
    Callosa is not dying!!


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