Murcia Heroin trafficking gang toppled by Spanish Police

Packets of heroin seized during the sting.

A BULGARIAN criminal organisation accused of distributing heroin in Spain has been dismantled by Spain’s National Police, reports from January 28 claim. 

Nine people have been arrested and 18.3 kilos of heroin seized by officers in Murcia as part of an operation that began in August 2015 when the authorities became aware of a foreign gang running a large-scale drug trafficking network from a Spanish base. 

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Headed by two Bulgarian individuals, one of whom lived in Spain while the other worked mostly from Bulgaria, the group is alleged to have acquired heroin from their home country and from the Netherlands, before transporting it to Spain and selling it on to dealers. 

National Police officers caught the gang red-handed, after working out that they used a “mail man” system which involved one member travelling between a Madrid suburb, where a batch of drugs would be picked up, and Murcia, where it would be handed over to gang bosses for distribution to prospective buyers. 

With this intelligence, the police intercepted the drug mule at Murcia bus station and found his backpack contained 22 packets of high purity heroin with a weight of 11 kg. 

The man was arrested along with the leaders of the crime ring who were said to be waiting in the vicinity of the station. Three further suspects, all Spanish citizens including a man from Seville, were also arrested as prospective buyers of the cache. 

Following the arrests, investigators searched homes in Murcia and found a further 7.3 kilos of heroin stashed on the premises, as well as € 1,500 in cash and several mobile phones.     

The investigation was a collaboration between the Drugs and Organised Crime units (UDYCO) of Murcia and Seville, as well as the Central Narcotics Brigade of the Judicial Police Commissioner-General. 


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