More tremors hit Southern Spain

Damage caused by January 25th earthquake.

RUMOURS of a mega earthquake following two in the Alboran Sea on January 21 and 25, have been nipped in the bud by experts’ claims that a more catastrophic event is unlikely, despite reports of further tremors felt in areas along the Spanish coast during the early hours of January 27. 

Seismologists have recorded more than 160 aftershocks since the larger of the two quakes, which racked up a whopping 6.1 on the Richter scale, hit Spain and Morocco.

A scientist from the University of Almeria’s geophysics department, Manuel Navarro confirmed that the volatile seabed between the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa had a high level of seismic activity, and that large earthquakes would normally be followed by “more tremors.” 


A geologist from the Andalucian Institute of Geophysics, Mercedes Feriche, warned that many of those whose lives were claimed by the 2011 earthquake in Lorca, Murcia, “were killed when they left or entered a building” and advised those caught in quakes to stay put. 


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