Refuge for victims of gender violence

FOREIGN WOMEN: Have the same rights as Spanish women when seeking help.

SHELTERS run by the Andalucia Women’s Institute (IAM) across Almeria took in 133 victims of gender-based violence in 2015 alone, according to the organisation which offers a safe place to those needing refuge. 

Francisca Serrano, the IAM co-ordinator in the province said: “These figures show how big this social problem is and also demonstrates that it should constantly be a priority in the social, political and media agenda.” 

She also pointed out that roughly 30 per cent of the women were foreign and this ‘is not a handicap in order to access the service’, as they have the same rights as Spanish women seeking help. 

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The IAM provides psychological, legal, financial, and social support to women fleeing violence and has 34 shelters throughout Andalucia, including nine emergency centres. 


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