Possible locations for Malaga Wheel

© Flickr by Lars Tinner

THE owners of the Ferris wheel in Malaga, Mederyt, are anxious to ensure that it remains in Malaga preferably in some spot in the port. Whilst the five months of operation have shown that it has been a commercial success which is loved by tourists, it is not so popular with residents.

According to the company, between December 23 and January 6, around 25,000 visitors got on the wheel, which made it one of the most crowded tourist attractions in the city of Malaga, but there have been so many complaints from local residents who live in the building opposite the wheel that whilst it is licensed to remain in place for the next three months it will then need to find a new home.

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The company is considering three alternative locations, in the ports’ car park which is their preferred option, the entrance to Palmeral promenade in dock two, or by the end of leisure area in Muelle Uno. 

Time is running out and there will be a lot of work involved in securing a new home for the wheel, dismantling and transporting it and obtaining all of the necessary council approvals.


  1. I’m surprised the wishes of the residents ken into account from the beginning, even though the cruise passengers disembark at this point it would have been better located actually on the Marina , shopping and restaurant area or in the park in between.
    It is a great addition to what is a superb tourist location but my sympathy goes out to the residents whose lives have been blighted by the intrusion to their privacy that the wheel has become.


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