Father of ten-year-old driver faces reckless driving charge

© Guardia Civil.
The young driver in his parent´s BMW.

GUARDIA CIVIL in Spain’s North African enclave Ceuta were left dumbfounded after witnessing a ten-year-old boy cruising at the wheel of a high performance car during rush hour on January 22. 

To the police officers’ amazement, the boy’s parents and his sister were riding alongside in the BMW X6, with the father, an Italian passport holder, said to be ‘casually chatting on his mobile phone’ while the mother of the boy sat in the back of the car proudly filming her son driving.

After initial arrests were made, the boy’s mother, of Moroccan origin, was questioned but later released, while the father was charged with being ‘an accomplice to the crime of reckless driving.’


If found guilty, the irresponsible dad faces up to two years in jail and a six-month suspension of his driving licence.  



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